Kevin Durant to meet with Nets owner Joe Tsai This Week

Kevin Durant, the Nets’ star, requested a trade in June. It’s now August, and he’s no closer to being relocated. According to a report on Tuesday, Durant will meet with Nets owner Joe Tsai this week, which should provide some clarity moving forward — whether it’s a reconciliation or a breakup. Kayo Freebies will provide live and free coverage of the 2022 NBL1 Championship Season. Join now without a credit card > “From what I’m hearing, KD will meet with the owner this week,” a source told Heavy Sports. “He’ll go directly to the owner, Joe Tsai, later this week.” We’ll see how it goes.” The Nets did not respond to the report. Durant requested a trade on June 30, the day after Nets point guard and longtime friend Kyrie Irving opted into the final year of his contract with whom he’d arrived as part of a package deal in 2019. It was also just days before Durant’s four-year extension, which he signed last summer, went into effect. Dellavedova will return to the NBA! | 00:32 Durant has never publicly stated why he became dissatisfied and wants to leave Brooklyn. It’s also unclear whether the meeting would be held to reiterate and reinforce his desire to leave, or to express changes he would like to see made in order for him to stay. “I’m not sure,” the executive admitted to Heavy Sports. “I’m not sure what will come of that meeting.” KD is upset about a few things, and I’m not sure any of them will be addressed here. But it’s possible.” Tsai and Nets general manager Sean Marks agreed to work with Durant and business partner Rich Kleiman to find trading partners, but there has been no real traction in a market skewed by the Jazz’s haul in exchange for Rudy Gobert, which essentially amounts to five first-round draft picks. The Athletic reported a week ago that Durant still wants to be traded. The New York Post reported that contact had been made between Durant’s camp and the Nets front office, though it was unclear whether it was the star or Kleiman, and at what level of the organization. Those discussions could now devolve into a brawl between the two parties involved. A trade package with Boston was rejected by the Nets. Photographer: Getty Images Though Durant was widely assumed to be on his way out in the days following his trade request, The Washington Post reports that the four-time NBA scoring champion is still in Brooklyn for training camp. Another NBA source believes the Nets will keep both Durant and Irving, according to the Heavy Sports report. Durant has two NBA Finals MVPs and is a 12-time All-Star. Despite his age, he is far more valuable to the Nets than anything they can get in return — and so far, the offers have clearly been underwhelming. Durant has four years left on his contract and a track record that shows he enjoys playing and despises sitting out. To think he’ll hold out indefinitely if not traded strains credulity. The Nets reportedly have asked for the likes of Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns in return for Durant, and recently rejected an offer of Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and a first-round pick from Boston, according to The Athletic. Brown — who was drafted by former Celtics boss Danny Ainge, not current GM Brad Stevens — was Boston’s best player in the NBA Finals and has just two years left on his contract. He was already considered a flight risk, and after he responded on social media to his name coming up in trade rumors, there is a perception around the league that the revelation of Boston shopping him could plant seeds of discord.