Myles Turner says he would love to play for the Dallas Mavericks

Trevor Ruszkowski/USA TODAY Sports The Dallas Mavericks currently have one of the league’s brightest prospects on their roster in Luka Doncic. Doncic is already outscoring all-time greats like Michael Jordan in the playoffs, but he still has a lot to learn and accomplish in the league. Doncic led the Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals, which included an upset victory over the Phoenix Suns. Luka has proven to be one of the league’s best players, and Dallas native Myles Turner agrees. Turner currently plays for the Indiana Pacers, but the team is rumored to want to trade him. He recently hosted a basketball camp for kids in Dallas, where he sat down with Sports Illustrated to talk about a variety of topics. One of the most memorable parts of his interview was his praise for Doncic’s accomplishments at such a young age. “Oh, he’s definitely up there,” Turner said. “The way he sees the game, the way he gets everyone involved, the swag he plays with — he embodies — is unique.” Especially given his age. He came into this league and dominated right away.” “I believe he will continue to work on his body and the small details of his game.” In terms of pure talent, he already possesses it all. So hopefully he’ll be in Dallas for a long time. But it’s fascinating to see how he’s achieved so much success so quickly.” (Image courtesy of Dallas Basketball Fan Nation) Turner would be a good fit for the Mavericks, but the team has already added two big men this offseason in JaVale McGee and Christian Wood. Jalen Brunson, who left for the New York Knicks, has yet to be replaced. With Doncic’s incredible talent on the court, the Mavericks may decide to run everything through him if they can. Fans will be hoping that the Mavericks don’t take a step back this season with their roster changes, but as long as they have someone of Luka Doncic’s caliber, they will be guaranteed a playoff spot.