The Nets remain at the front and center of the Kevin Durant sweepstakes

Photographer: Kevin Sousa/USA TODAY Sports Even weeks after Kevin Durant’s trade request, the Brooklyn Nets are still at the forefront of the 2022 offseason. Under normal circumstances, teams from all over the league would be lining up to sign Durant, but there is widespread skepticism that a deal will be reached for him this summer. Ian Begley of SNY described the situation in a recent article, shedding some light on why some believe the KD sweepstakes has reached a dead end. Multiple people familiar with the Nets’ Kevin Durant negotiations were pessimistic about a deal happening soon late last month. Part of the pessimism stemmed from the notion that, as of last month, there was little appetite in the market for teams to serve as a third or fourth team in order to facilitate a Durant trade. “No one wants to help (Brooklyn) close a deal,” one team observed. Things are fluid, as they are with all trade talks. As a result, the dynamic can shift at any time. However, one source familiar with the Nets/Durant dynamic said late last month that things were in a “holding pattern” based on previous talks between Brooklyn and other teams. Durant asked the Nets for a trade before the start of free agency. After negotiations with the club, Kyrie Irving opted into the final year of his contract with Brooklyn. Following a first-round sweep by Boston, GM Sean Marks stated a few weeks after the season that the club would be looking to reestablish a strong culture. Of course, things can change in an instant. If the right team receives the right push, they may feel compelled to pull off the deal of the century. No matter who makes a bid for Durant, the cost of his services will be high. Multiple players and draft picks would have to be involved, and a third team may be required to ensure the Nets get the kind of haul they want. Nobody knows what will happen to Kyrie if that happens. For the time being, it appears that both players will remain with the Nets for the foreseeable future.