This Celtics-Jazz trade would swap Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward

This Celtics-Jazz trade would swap Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward

Boston can part ways with Gordon Hayward in the 2020 offseason. Bleacher Report informs about it regarding the former head of one of the NBA teams.

The basketball player is expected to use the Player option. The league believes that the Celtics can trade the 30-year-old injury-prone SF for Utah Jazz star center Rudy Gobert. He\’s an elite defender, former 2-time DPOY. It is the missing piece of the puzzle for the Kelts.

However, many people think that Boston President Denny Ainge likes Hayward. Next year, they will most likely try to win the championship title with the same players. Who will take Hayward? He\’s not playing like a big shot. However, Boston desperately needs a good center who can grab rebounds and play tight defense. If this trade happens, Gordon returns home, and Rudy comes to Boston, it will be just magic.

In the 2019/20 season, Hayward averaged 17.5 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 4.1 assists in 52 games.

Gordon Hayward was one of the most talented players in the National Basketball Association. At one time, he shone and stood out for his skill. It even seemed that the scorer was able to carry the team alone, and Utah Jazz would be built around him.

In Utah Jazz, the basketball player was a star. The move to Boston was supposed to be a qualitative step forward. He wanted to play for his former coach Brad Stevens. Indeed, the team looks decent and tries to use all its strengths to the maximum. Boston seriously counted on Hayward as one of the key performers. They believed he could help Boston fight for the title.

But in the first official match, Hayward was seriously injured, after which he missed a whole season. It\’s frankly difficult to trade such an injury-prone player. You need to understand that this trade can be a dead weight almost for any NBA team. But the Celtics are trying their best to get rid of him. 

Therefore, Boston continues to search for a player for the only problematic position. The club doesn\’t want to keep Hayward, and he should find a less ambitious team to prove himself and put respect on his name. There is still a feeling that if a basketball player plays for a weak team, he will immediately become a leader with some solid minutes on the court. But there are too many star players in Boston, and their ultimate goal is just to get a decent center and elite rebounders, such as Rudy Gobert and Andre Drummond. A basketball player will not become a leader, either on or off the court.

How can Boston get out of this situation?

According to the Boston Celtics Reddit, they are actively looking for ways out of this situation. There are a lot of speculations on Reddit Jazz. Utah might be interested in Hayward\’s exchange. Gordon might come back home and prove the doubters wrong. Utah was ready to fight for the title, but Rudy didn’t show up in the Playoffs, and the Nuggets beat the Jazz due to his lack of intensity and effort on the defensive side. 

French star Rudy Gobert could go in the opposite direction. The center position is still considered the most problematic for Boston. Danny Ainge and Boston need a player who can perform a large amount of dirty work and play defensively on both sides of the floor. And from this point of view, Gobert looks like an almost ideal candidate. Let’s see how this drama goes, but it will give Boston a high-caliber defender and shot blocker if this happens. And Utah can help Gordon to reignite his career.