Why Alex Caruso deserves a spot on the Lakers\’ roster next season

Why Alex Caruso deserves a spot on the Lakers\’ roster next season

The recent game of the 25-year-old player made a splash. His overwhelming success made it clear that this guy has many reasons to stay long on the squad. Yes, Alex Caruso is far from solving the Lakers\’ issues. Nevertheless, re-signing the membership agreement will help the team to reach the next level.

It is essential to say that Alex Caruso has no hopes and does not claim to be the team\’s future starter because the front office will be completely rebuilt around the well-known LeBron James. And there are good reasons for that. Thirty-two points, five assists, ten rebounds, five three-pointers – the match with the Los Angeles Clippers. The game against the New Orleans pelicans gave him 23 points, four steals, six assists, and shot an excellent four of four from deep. We need to recognize, and he is super good. As for Caruso, he strengthened its position on the long-term deal when the Los Angeles Lakers won both of those games.

One of the few positive outcomes of the most challenging season for the Gold and Purple was Alex Caruso, with his 19 points per game for South Bay Lakers.

Those 147 minutes have been critical for the Lakers. During that game, Alex was on the floor with James, and this had given striking effect when the team was way ahead of their rivals by 8.6 points per 100 possessions. Six ratings, six best ratings of all existing two-person lines for Los Angeles Lakers, appeared for at least 100 minutes.

It is crucial to notice that when there was James on the court, Alex Caruso was 5 of 12 (it is almost 42 percent).

Confidence, comfort, and determination are how we can describe Caruso\’s behavior in that game. He has shown perfect games, especially with above-the-arc threes. Outstanding results on the non-corner outside looks were 20 of 33 (almost 61 percent). That ranks are the best in the league among all existing players who have tried at least five times.

Caruso\’s unguarded catch-and-shoot attempts gaining an average of 1.58 points per possession. By the way, it is 98th percentile. Only three have been more successful across all existing players in the western conference, with no less than 15 possibilities on this play type. That means that none of the other players on the Los Angeles Lakers make the 75ht percentile or better.

The average percent of Alex Caruso (52.6) can be compared to other high-volume players on these looks. Let\’s see them. Such sharpshooters as Stephen Curry with 52.3 percent, Buddy Hield with his 52.8, are great compared to Alex in this season.

Success has always been on the side of James\’s team. Every time the team played under his leadership, everything was under control, and the squad did well. James\’ advantage over other contenders is how he drives to the basket. Generally, he draws a second defender and leaves an open player on the perimeter. But there was one Laker\’s fault when they ranked last overall in the NBA live stream due to unguarded shots from the catch. It is, on average, 1.04 points per game. It is crucial to keep in mind that they scored 11.2 points on these possibilities, which lagged every squad in the West except the Phoenix Suns.

The most likely fatal flaw and the Lakers\’ main weakness is that no one could consistently step up when the four-time MVP found them for such open three-pointers as much as Caruso.

Caruso has a two-way contract that can be turned into a multi-year NBA deal easily. His ceiling is 1.6 million for the Lakers as a restricted free agent. Watch the laker game online to keep abreast of developments!